Who We Are

Our mission is to design leather goods that are stylish and functional for ourselves, customers and corporations. Each handcrafted out of only the finest leather with detailed stitching throughout. An environment of creativity and innovation with a coveted work/life balance for all team members.


Our vision is to create a memorable Bryker Hyde experience that exceeds every expectation. To “wow” each customer with our stylish and functional designs, quality products, exceptional customer service, then earn their loyalty and lifelong satisfaction. 




My story:

You might not believe it, but Bryker Hyde started as a wallet company in San Diego, California by a regular guy, just like you, back in 2015. 

I was never the type of guy to buy $100 or $20 wallets. I normally settled around $30 to $40 and a year or two later would buy a new one. The truth is I wanted the quality of a higher priced wallet but couldn't justify the cost of an expensive brand name. I figured exquisite leather, detailed stitching and practical yet stylish designs were out of my budget. This inspired me to start designing my own wallets at night while working a day job. With these three things in mind each wallet is built to last for years. Obsessed with quality and focused on affordable pricing the Bryker Hyde team of 3 continues to bring new designs to you.

Thank you for your purchases and I truly hope you love these products as much as I do. I appreciate all of your thoughtful suggestions, feedback and reviews (I read them all) - they continue to help my ideas and designs grow beyond my garage and into your hands.

- John (Founder)

Our Mission cont'd

Functional and Stylish - To make stylish leather goods without losing practical functionality. We've found that most brands out there take away functional parts to make space for style. We didn't like that.

Exquisite Leather - We hand pick full grain and top grain leather with thorough stitching to ensure it'll last for years and you don't have to drain your bank account. This is how we're able to offer our life time warranty.

Affordable Pricing - We love leather goods and have always had leather wallets and messenger bags. But the prices always seem outrageous to us. Our focus is to accomplish our mission and maintain an affordable price for all. We won't charge more than we're willing to pay.

The Spartan Symbol

Your security is our #1 priority.  In this crazy world of high tech toys, it's far too easy for thieves to take advantage of you. That's why we launched an elite collection of RFID blocking wallets.

After testing out numerous RFID blocking wallets that only blocked higher frequencies (10MHz to 3000 MHz signals), we set out to design and create our own that block both high and low (125khz and 10MHz to 3000 MHz signals).

Read more about how RFID blocking wallets work.