VCNCT Thanksgiving-4-Veterans 2017 with Bryker Hyde

VCNCT Thanksgiving-4-Veterans 2017 with Bryker Hyde

December 14, 2017

The Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas (VCNCT) celebrated its 7th Annual "Thanksgiving-4-Veterans event". The event took place at the American Legion Post 511 in Dallas. The purpose of the event was to provide Thanksgiving dinner for Veterans and their family members and to provide the attendees information on available resources. 

I (John) was honored to volunteer and help with this amazing event. For those that aren't aware, we partnered with VCNCT in September, 2017 and made a financial pledge of a monthly donation to them. I met other veterans volunteering and representing their companies. It was a privilege to be involved in the community. As a big fan of Thanksgiving and eating turkey it was exciting to help give so many out. 

The coordination and preparation of the event took approximately two months. There were 67 volunteers, 10.5 in volunteer hours, representing 27 different community based organizations, and all branches of service.

There were 250 turkeys given totaling approximately $4,000, 16 different side items totaling over $4,000, a total of 6,049 items given. On the day of the event 238 turkeys and bags were given to Veterans and family members, feeding approximately 431 reported family members. The remaining 12 turkeys, 24 boxes frozen pre-packaged meals, and 31 bags of food were donated to a local church and shelter, feeding approximately 500 homeless.

Nekima Horton VCNCT

Bryker Hyde and VCNCT

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a tough time for Veterans, so this event also reduces the amount of stress and depression that can come with it.

If you'd like more information on VCNCT you can visit their webpage here. To learn more about our pledge to the military/veterans and see how you can help please click here.

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